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About our School

Welcome To The Pole Star Preschool

We are committed to create a brighter tomorrow for your child through our team of professionals specializing in early childhood education.

Theme Based Approach
Froebel’s Play Way Approach
Montessori Approach
Reggio Approach

To create leaders, through inquiry & sequential learning, in a culturally homogeneous environment with right values, love and protection needed for a healthy body, mind and soul in the most critical phase of a child’s growing up years.

We at The Pole Star Pre School are committed towards creating a creative learning system for kids, Parents as well as facilitators to bring out the best from each stakeholder.

How We Do

Our Researched and Developed Curriculum
Our curriculum has been designed with the expertise of a research team of early childhood professionals. Also our team has been consistently taking the efforts to upgrade the curriculum as per the research and happening in the early child care education.
Theme Based Approach.
Froebel’s – Play way approach
Montessori approach
Howard Gardner’s – Multiple Intelligence Method.
John Dewey – Project Method
Lesson Manuals
Our daily lesson manuals are carefully planned to the last details. The year is divided into 10 themes, each theme is divided into 4 weeks, the weeks are divided into days and the days are divided into minutes.
The Lesson manuals not only help the TPS facilitator to plan the day ahead but also helps them to understand the core:
What to teach, when to teach, what is the sequence of teaching, how to teach with what
learning aids to teach and the most important how to evaluate the day’s proceeding.
The Delivery Masters – Our Facilitators.
A pre-school teacher is not just about fun and games. At TPS, a lot of care is taken to ensure we have qualified and well trained teachers to groom your precious little one!In the first place, we hand-pick qualified teachers who fulfill one basic criteria – love for children. Once selected, our teachers go through an intensive training program. They are given training in child psychology as well as un understanding on how children grow, develop and learn and apply these principles to practice classroom teaching methods.
Child Appropriate Infrastructure
Little ones spend a bulk of their awake hours at preschool and thus the quality of place and the environment make a vast difference.
TPS is a child friendly place.
– Air-conditioned classrooms,
– Covered Play Area,
– Smart Technology enabled Classrooms,
– Library,
– Tablet Teaching and much more…

What We Do

We nurture the skill areas of the child to bring out the best in them.

Cognitive Development
Language Development
Fine Motor Development
Gross Motor Development
Personal Awareness
Socio – Emotional Development
Prospective Development

Meet our Facilitators

All Facilitators are Educated , Well Trained and Equipped to Handle Small Kids


Nothing is more important than your child’s well-being. Join our seminars and trainings and learn how to keep it.


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